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We are a reliable and effective Auckland based company with the experience and expertise to create an online marketing strategy that will give your business the exposure it deserves.

Tailor made web solutions

Bringing the traffic to advance your business from a page to a website.

Search Advancement is a web development and search engine optimisation company based in Auckland.

Search Advancement provides a full range of online business solutions ranging from online marketing to website consulting as well as full development and management services. We pride ourselves in developing elegant and effective web solutions that allow your business to put its best foot forward in the world wide web of consumers and businesses. While we pride ourselves on our tailor-made solutions, we are also happy to work with existing sites to spruce them up and get you showing up on search engine results.


Market research suggests that approximately 80% of internet users find the website they seek via search engines. This means that ranking highly on search engine results is crucial to driving internet traffic to your site.

Multiple Languages

Running a multi-language website and getting high search rankings for the respective countries you are targeting can be very complex. Search Advancement is lucky to have not only native English speakers but...

Web development

Having a professional looking website that meets all of its requirements is crucial if your online presence is to have a positive impact on your business. Often it’s difficult to know from the start what will be required of a site. Our...


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